Handmade rag doll: Cher

Bambola di pezza cucita a mano: Cher

Cher, the handmade rag doll comes to life Few artists have proved as multifaceted and eclectic as Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre, better known as Cher, who

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Twiggy, the history of fashion in a petite handmade rag doll

Bambole di stoffa artigianali: Twiggie

The long and thin legs of the Twiggy handmade rag doll immediately bring to mind the idea of ​​a perfect body of the 60s and

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Marilyn Monroe style icon. The new collectible dolls, handmade in Italy

Bambole collezionabili fatte a mano in Italia: Marilyn Monroe

With this doll Vittoria Valzania interprets one of the greatest sex symbols and greatest actress that has ever lived. Marilyn Monroe comes to life as

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Vivien Leigh. Miss Scarlett’s handmade rag doll is finally online!

bambola di pezza fatte a mano online Miss Rossella

Handcrafted with love and care, our new Miss Scarlett’s handmade rag doll makes a great addition to your collection. Barbie is a reference point for

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Madonna, my icon in the shape of a handmade rag doll

Bambola di stoffa realizzata a mano: Madonna

Looking for Madonna handmade dolls? Find our version of collectible dolls hand crafted in Italy The love for Madonna is something that has transcended generations

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