Josephine Baquer Doll

One of our MadameDolls is Joséphine Baker, the great black artist, the woman who received 1500 marriage requests.

Her doll wears the costume she is mostly famous for, which was designed for her in the 1920s by Austrian costume designer Paul Seltenhammer.

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Each MadameDoll is unique being conceived, designed and produced in my small workshop in Florence.

MadameDoll is an exclusive piece of artistic craftsmanship and each replica is inevitably different from the Madamedoll that preceded it.

MadameDoll are a free interpretation of iconic celebrities or fictional characters and are entirely handmade using refined materials. Each character has been studied referencing historical images in order to work on the smallest details.

This rag doll is entirely handmade, so bear in mind that there will be imperfections.

MadameDoll is approximately 35 cm tall and her body is made up of 6 pieces of mixed synthetic fabric, skin-coloured and padded with synthetic wadding, assembled by hand.

The hair are made out of mohair threads and sewn in by hand. Eyes, mouth and any small details of the face are embroidered.

All the fabrics used to make dresses and accessories, rare and precious, have their own history: they have been bought and treasured over the years to become MadameDoll’s exquisite dresses.

MadameDoll wears a metal beaded bra, a skirt made of padded bananas, sandals, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings.

MadameDoll’s dresses are not removable.

MadameDoll is not suitable for children. It is made of delicate pieces and small parts that can come off, such as buttons or jewellery.


Made In Italy Florence MadameDoll



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