MadameDoll: the Italian handcrafted rag dolls

MadameDoll: bambole realizzate a mano in Italia

MadameDoll is a series of iconic dolls handcrafted in Italy, a free interpretation of characters which marked our culture with their personalities.

MadameDoll: the Italian handcrafted rag dolls

MadameDoll is a project by Vittoria Valzania and was born after years of playing, thinking about our passions and what makes us happy: it is a very personal interpretation of prominent female characters and celebrities that have meant so much to us as little girls and grown up women. Not only icons, but examples to look up to, contributed to our education and inspired us since our young age.

“Suddenly all the projects I was working were canceled, but not the desire to create”.

Out of work but not of ideas Vittoria Valzania, an experienced tailor at the head of “Madame Flo” tailoring shop with a curriculum that can proud itself of prestigious collaboration as with Florence’s Historical “Calcio Storico” Parade, set to work imagining a collection of dolls. And chose ten women who left an imprint in our times to give shape to her dream.

“I freed my desire to create and in the meantime thought of developing a handmade rag doll kit for all of those who want to experiment with their own creativity. A project that debuted in March, one exact year after its conception”.

The study and research of fabrics, the recreation of all details of the clothes, the long hours and days spent working at each MadameDoll are in fact far from the classic idea of a rag doll created with recycled materials. MadameDoll’s collection is made of elegant dolls that fit perfectly on the shelves of those who already collect dolls.

The rules for making each MadameDoll are simple but strict: selected, quality materials for collectible dolls, the use of fine fabrics such as drapery, brocade, lace and damask. No rags, no “anything goes” attitude when choosing textiles. The hair is made out of natural raffia of various colours, strictly curled and attached onto the doll’s head by hand. The eyes, mouth and features that distinguish each MadameDoll are painstakingly embroidered by hand, one by one.

All MadameDolls are handmade in Italy in limited and numbered editions. For true doll enthusiasts, these creations are not just toys, but a prized object onto which they can pour their passion and dedication. An item to be jealously guarded, one to enrich enviable and invaluable collections. Given the completely handmade production method, each MadameDoll is “handcrafted imperfect” and each piece will be always different from the one previously made. Craftsmanship makes each your piece unique!

When we talk about collecting dolls we can refer to a varied world, but the collection of antique dolls is founded on the concepts of rarity, a value to which many collectors aspire.

A valuable limited edition doll collection

Each doll is meticulously produced in Italy in a limited edition. All characters are careful studied in each of their details and the materials they will be made of. The handcrafting behind each one of MadameDoll’s creations requires many hours of patient, careful assembly and meticulous embroidery of the features. The doll is delivered in stunning packaging that will leave you speechless.

MadameFLO (Valzania Vittoria Sartoria) is the greatest interpreter of Florentine’s craft tradition of sartorial excellence, specialising in the creation of historical dresses and costumes for the performing arts. After months of study, in 2021 she released her MadameDoll collection: a series of handmade dolls as a tribute to some of our culture’s undisputed icons. Strong women praised not only for their style, but also for their strength, their courage and their ability to make the world magic. 

MadameDolls are rag dolls made entirely by hand in MadameFLO’s Artisan Tailoring Workshop in Florence, Italy. By buying a MadameDoll you are giving yourself or a loved one the gift of a unique emotion.

The first collection of unique numbered pieces includes:

  • Cher, the handmade rag doll comes to life;
  • Coco Chanel, the elegance of simplicity among the fashion icon dolls;
  • Frida Kahlo, the charm of celebrity dolls;
  • Grace Kelly, the wonder of beautiful rag dolls;
  • Iris Apfel and how she became one of our “most famous women” dolls;
  • Joséphine Baker, how to make your own handmade rag doll;
  • Madonna, my icon in the shape of a handmade rag doll;
  • Marilyn Monroe style icon. The new collectible dolls, handmade in Italy;
  • Vivien Leigh. Miss Scarlett’s handmade rag doll is finally online;
  • Twiggy, the history of fashion in a petite handmade rag doll.